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MOONKLUTZ, aka MK, aka DEATH FROM ABOVE was sandbagged into fandom by the combination of moon princess magic and a talking cat — she never had a chance. Since then, she’s traipsed through scanlating manga, tricking people into reading Gokusen, and recommending thousands of stories. MK likes eating Doritos instead of real food, characters that fail upward, FEELINGS, and bikes; she lives in Toronto with her cats, Sherlock and Watson, and a Roomba.

RAGEPRUFROCK, aka PRU, aka GET OFF MY LAWN incepted herself into fandom by looking for X-Files episode summaries in the 6th grade. She has written, much to her chagrin, hundreds of thousands of pages of bad-to-slightly-less-bad fanfic in everything from anime to Smallville to shows that lasted three episodes to children’s books. Pru drinks about three pots of coffee a day and is fueled by pure hatred; she lives in New York City with her Nikon D90.

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