Season 1

Season one

Our innagural season started out almost by accident.

We’ve talked a bit about it on the podcast, but really no more than five minutes of thought went into it. I mean, we were already chatting on Skype, why not record it with garage band and throw it up on our blogs? Maybe a handful of people might like it. 

Well it turns out we got the name wrong, and then we got booted off our hosting because people liked it too much. I think I’d call that a success.

14 August 2011


21 August 2011

Comic books with The Hoyden

28 August 2011

Hurricane Safari with Merelyn and Twentysomething

4 September 2011

Anon Kink Memes and Writing with Leupagus

18 September 2011

Rookie Seasons

25 September 2011

Hawaii Five-0 with Leupagus

27 September 2011

Emergency Delicious Broadcast

2 OCTOBER 2011

Fringe, NCIS, Good Wife, Dresden Files, etc

9 OCTOBER 2011

Children’s Books / YA

20 OCTOBER 2011

BBC Merlin

23 OCTOBER 2011

Yaoi and Boys Love with Lianne Sentar

30 OCTOBER 2011

NCIS and miscellania with The Hoyden

13 November 2011

Author Talk with The Hoyden

20 November 2011

NC-17, Porn, and Listener Questions with Cherrybina

11 December 2011

Kdrama with Til_Midnight

18 December 2011

Comic Books & Graphic Novels with TempleMarker

23 December 2011

Best & Worst of 2011