season 3

season three

301 What We Did on Our Winter Hiatus


just us


302 The Hobbit


with Laz, Merelyn, and Twentysomething


303 Writing


with Hapakitsune


304 Person of Interest


with Leupagus


305 The Fourth Wall


with Merelyn and Mistress Curvy


306 Hockey RPF


with Merelyn, Twentysomething, and The Hoyden


307 Mystery /report Three Thousand


Star Trek XI with leupagus


308 Ask Us Anything


just us


309 Tropes


just us


310 Ironman 3


with Lijaka


311 Supernatural


with Waldorph and Twentysomething


312 Vikings


with Merelyn, Mistresscurvy, and Eleanor Lavish


313 Podcasting


just us


314 Friendship


with Leupagus, Merelyn, The Hoyden, and Twentysomething


315 Hannibal


with Leupagus, Judgebunny, and Sam H.


316 ST:XII


with Leupagus and Ayalesca


317 Ask Us Anything


just us


318 Stargate Atlantis


just us


319 Welcome to Night Vale


with Leupagus, Merelyn, and Twentysomething


320 Pacific Rim


with Merelyn and Twentysomething


321 Anniversary Special


outtakes with lots of people


322 Science of Slash


with Poetry and Maedron


323 The Cornetto Trilogy / World’s End


just us


324 Sleepy Hollow


with Leupagus and Twentysomething