Season 2

season two

201 BBC Sherlock series 2

and a bucket for your tears.

202 Mystery Slashreport Three Thousand: Inception

aka mostly JGL’s pants.

203 Video Games

with Lijaka and Yin

204 Author Talk

with Cobweb Diamond (Gav)

205 Podfic

with Pennyplainknits

206 Martha Wells, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

martha wells

207 Teen Wolf

with The Hoyden, Twentysomething, and Leupagus

208 Mystery Slashreport Three Thousand


209 Gender AUs

with The Hoyden and Twentysomething

210 Avengers Assemble!

with Merelyn

211 The Good Wife

just us

212 House MD series recap

just us

213 Summer TV

just us

214 50/50 Tropes

with The Hoyden

215 First Times

just us

216 Mystery Slashreport Three Thousand

How To Train Your Dragon

217 Ask Us Anything

your questions

218 Mobile Fandom

just us

219 Fangirl Confessions

just us

220 One Direction

with Merelyn and Cherrybina

221 Year in Review

just us

222 Season Finale

just us