season 4

season four

401 BBC Sherlock series 4

with Ayalesca

402 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

just us

403 Hobbit 2

with Leupagus and Jay

404 Doujinshi and Manga

with The Hoyden

405 Almost Human

with Ayalesca

406 Character Death

with Merelyn and Waldorph


with The Hoyden

408 Recap

just us

409 Captain America and the Winter Solider

with Leupagus and Screamlet

410 Fannish History

with Flourish and Merelyn

411 Spider-man 2

with Merelyn

412 X-Men Days of Future Past

with The Hoyden

413 Sailor Moon

with Lianne Sentar

414 Supernatural

with Waldorph

415 How To Train Your Dragon 2

just us

416 Ask Us Anything A

just us

417 Ask Us Anything b

just us

418 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

just us

419 Guardians of the Galaxy

with Leupagus and Merelyn

420 Guest Episode: Homestuck

with Dione/KitsuneHeart, Kady/Shut-in-Princess, Dillon/EriDillon, and Robin/Robbel

421 Harry Potter

with Merelyn and Twentysomething