101 Slash Cast


14 August 2011

Fic Recs for this episode:

We’ve got loads of podfic in fandom right now, which is fantastic, but do we have a fannish podcast? I haven’t seen any, and neither has Pru (or at least, not off-itunes, and I don’t think you could do a proper fannish podcast on there).

So we made one! That’s at least half of what I did this weekend, just sitting around on Skype and Garage Band with her, recording Slash Cast. Here’s the first of what we hope will be weekly podcasts (minus my upcoming trip to Scotland/Wales).

This week we talk mostly about Suits (spoilers), Hawaii Five-0 (spoilers), The Mentalist, and more.

So apparently over 350 people have already downloaded/listened to the slashcast and a lot of you like it. We’re working on a bit of planning for our next one and will hopefully manage to pull it off. Thanks for listening!