102 Marvel movies, Suits, guilty pleasures

  NEW RELEASE 21 August 2011 Apparently a hell of a lot of you liked our first episode of Slash Report (formerly Slash Cast), so we cleaned some stuff up, got a guest this week, and made some fancy new title art. This week on /report thehoyden joins  rageprufrock and MK to talk Marvel, Suits, White… Continue reading 102 Marvel movies, Suits, guilty pleasures


101 Slash Cast

  Slash Cast 14 August 2011 Fic Recs for this episode: Knot a Problem by Jane Davitt [Suits, Harvey/Mike] Veela!Mike by Anon [Suits/Harry Potter,Harvey/Mike] Humane Society by SmileBackwards [XMFC, Erik/Charles] We’ve got loads of podfic in fandom right now, which is fantastic, but do we have a fannish podcast? I haven’t seen any, and neither… Continue reading 101 Slash Cast